Schedule & Results, 23rd Orillia Hawks Tournament Sponsored by Jim Wilson Chevrolet, 2018-2019 (Orillia Girls Hockey Association)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 10, 2019
Round Robi1959:00 PMBO Orillia Senior C 3-2Barrie
Friday, January 11, 2019
Round Robi308:00 AMBO Barrie Gold 0-0Orillia Red
Round Robi458:00 AMRAMA Orillia 0-6Barrie Blue
Round Robi18:10 AMRB Barrie Green 0-1Orillia Black
Round Robi168:30 AMRG Orillia 4-0Clearview
POOL A319:00 AMBO Leaside 0-3Oshawa
POOL A469:00 AMRAMA North Simcoe 0-4Orillia
Round Robi729:00 AMCLD Barrie Gold 1-1Barrie Black
Round Robi29:10 AMRB Central York 3-1Orillia Hawks
Round Robi179:30 AMRG North Simcoe 3-3Orillia
Round Robi3210:00 AMBO Ennismore 1-2Leaside Black
POOL A4710:00 AMRAMA Ennismore 0-7Woolwich
ROUND ROBI6010:00 AMGRAV Lindsay 0-3Orillia
POOL B7310:00 AMCLD Ancaster 2-3Barrie
Round Robi310:10 AMRB Central York 2-5Ancaster
Round Robi1810:30 AMRG Leaside 6-0Aurora
POOL B3311:00 AMBO Twin Centre 6-2Peterborough
Round Robi4811:00 AMRAMA Ennismore 1-1Orillia
POOL B6111:00 AMGRAV Mount Forest 7-2West Grey
ROUND ROBI7411:00 AMCLD Ennismore 6462 1-0Clearview
Round Robi411:10 AMRB Brock 2-2Twisters
Round Robi1911:30 AMRG Peterborough 5-2Ennismore
Round Robi3412:00 PMBO Ennismore 1-3Waterloo
Round Robi4912:00 PMRAMA Leaside Sky 4-0Waterloo
Round Robi6212:00 PMGRAV Sudbury 2-1London
ROUND ROBI7512:00 PMCLD Kemptville 5-0Ennismore 6464
Round Robi512:10 PMRB Stoney Creek 6-2North Simcoe
Round Robi2012:30 PMRG Ennismore 0-3Barrie Green
Round Robi351:00 PMBO Burlington 8-0Orillia
POOL B501:00 PMRAMA Temiskaming 0-2Sudbury
Round Robi631:00 PMGRAV Almaguin 0-0Ancaster
Round Robi761:00 PMCLD Clearview 1-4Peterborough
Round Robi61:10 PMRB Orillia Black 10-0Lindsay
ROUND ROBI211:30 PMRG Temiskaming 1-1Leaside
Round Robi362:00 PMBO Sudbury 4-1Central York
Round Robi512:00 PMRAMA Temiskaming 1-2Peterborough
Round Robi642:00 PMGRAV Burlington 2-2Barrie Black
Round Robi772:00 PMCLD Mitchell Meteors 0-6North Simcoe
Round Robi72:10 PMRB Orillia Hawks 1-5Burlington
Round Robi222:30 PMRG Temiskaming 6-1Barrie Blue
Round Robi373:00 PMBO Mitchell 0-2North Bay
Round Robi523:00 PMRAMA Orillia 0-4Leaside
POOL A653:00 PMGRAV Woolwich 1-4Temiskaming
Round Robi783:00 PMCLD Ancaster 0-6Barrie Gold
POOL A83:10 PMRB Brockville 9-0Ennismore
Round Robi233:30 PMRG Twisters 4-0Stoney Creek
POOL A384:00 PMBO Leaside 0-3North Simcoe
ROUND ROBI534:00 PMRAMA Woolwich 4-2Clearview
Round Robi664:00 PMGRAV Central York 2-2Ennismore
Round Robi794:00 PMCLD Oakville 7-1Oshawa
Round Robi94:10 PMRB Sudbury 3-0Orillia
Round Robi244:30 PMRG Aurora 0-0Barrie Green
ROUND ROBI395:00 PMBO Kemptville 0-2Ennismore 6462
POOL B545:00 PMRAMA West Grey 1-3Peterborough
ROUND ROBI675:00 PMGRAV Orillia 3-0Ennismore 6464
Round Robi805:00 PMCLD Waterloo 4-0Stoney Creek
POOL A105:10 PMRB Oshawa 2-3Orillia
POOL B255:30 PMRG Twin Centre 5-0Mount Forest
POOL B406:00 PMBO Temiskaming 0-6Barrie
Round Robi556:00 PMRAMA Lindsay 0-11Leaside
Round Robi686:00 PMGRAV Sudbury 3-0Orillia
Round Robi816:00 PMCLD London 4-0Peterborough
Round Robi116:10 PMRB Ennismore 0-4Burlington
Round Robi266:30 PMRG Burlington 3-0Leaside Sky
Round Robi417:00 PMBO North Simcoe 2-2Ennismore
POOL B567:00 PMRAMA Sudbury 2-0Ancaster
Round Robi697:00 PMGRAV Ennismore 1-0Brock
ROUND ROBI827:00 PMCLD Leaside 1-1Lindsay
Round Robi127:10 PMRB Barrie Green 0-9Temiskaming
Round Robi277:30 PMRG Peterborough 3-0Mitchell Meteors
Round Robi428:00 PMBO Waterloo 0-4Temiskaming
Round Robi578:00 PMRAMA Peterborough 4-0Stoney Creek
POOL A708:00 PMGRAV Temiskaming 2-2Brockville
Round Robi138:10 PMRB North Simcoe 0-2Leaside Black
Round Robi288:30 PMRG Orillia Red 0-7Sudbury
ROUND ROBI439:00 PMBO Temiskaming 0-3Woolwich
Round Robi589:00 PMRAMA North Bay 1-1Sudbury
Round Robi719:00 PMGRAV Orillia Senior B 0-4Ennismore
Round Robi149:10 PMRB Burlington 0-2Ancaster
Round Robi299:30 PMRG Oakville 5-0North Simcoe
Round Robi4410:00 PMBO Oshawa 1-3Leaside
Round Robi5910:00 PMRAMA Almaguin 4-1Barrie Gold
Round Robi1510:10 PMRB Mitchell 1-3Ennismore
Saturday, January 12, 2019
Round Robi1128:00 AMBO North Simcoe 0-7Burlington
POOL B1278:00 AMRAMA Mount Forest 3-1Peterborough
Round Robi1608:00 AMBMC Leaside 5-1Barrie Green
Round Robi838:00 AMRB Leaside Sky 1-1Central York
Round Robi988:30 AMRG Peterborough 2-4Orillia
Round Robi1139:00 AMBO Aurora 0-8Orillia Black
Round Robi1289:00 AMRAMA Ancaster 4-3Orillia Red
Round Robi1619:00 AMBMC Barrie Black 1-3Ancaster
Round Robi849:00 AMRB London 6-1Clearview
POOL B999:30 AMRG West Grey 0-6Twin Centre
ROUND ROBI11410:00 AMBO Woolwich 1-0Ennismore 6462
POOL A12910:00 AMRAMA Orillia 4-1Leaside
ROUND ROBI14210:00 AMGRAV Clearview 1-1Lindsay
POOL A8510:00 AMRB Temiskaming 10-0Ennismore
Round Robi10010:30 AMRG Brock 0-4Peterborough
Round Robi11511:00 AMBO Barrie Blue 3-0Ennismore
POOL A13011:00 AMRAMA Woolwich 2-2Brockville
Round Robi14311:00 AMGRAV North Simcoe 2-1Oshawa
Round Robi8611:00 AMRB Leaside Black 0-0Stoney Creek
Round Robi10111:30 AMRG Sudbury 3-0Mitchell
Round Robi11612:00 PMBO North Bay 3-0Ennismore
Round Robi13112:00 PMRAMA Burlington 8-1Barrie Green
ROUND ROBI14412:00 PMGRAV Kemptville 0-2Orillia
Round Robi15412:00 PMCLD Ennismore 1-0Stoney Creek
ROUND ROBI8712:00 PMRB Leaside 5-0Ennismore 6464
POOL B10212:30 PMRG Ancaster 3-0Temiskaming
Round Robi1171:00 PMBO Orillia 0-7Temiskaming
POOL A1321:00 PMRAMA Oshawa 3-0North Simcoe
Round Robi1451:00 PMGRAV Peterborough 0-5Sudbury
Round Robi1551:00 PMCLD Barrie Green 9-0Lindsay
Round Robi881:00 PMRB Waterloo 1-0Peterborough
Round Robi1031:30 PMRG Mitchell Meteors 3-0Ennismore
Round Robi1182:00 PMBO Barrie Gold 1-1Central York
Round Robi1332:00 PMRAMA Waterloo 2-1Ennismore
Round Robi1462:00 PMGRAV Burlington 0-3Almaguin
POOL B1562:00 PMCLD Barrie 3-3Sudbury
Round Robi892:00 PMRB Orillia Hawks 0-8Leaside Sky
Round Robi1042:30 PMRG Temiskaming 3-7North Simcoe
Round Robi1193:00 PMBO Orillia Black 1-0Leaside
Round Robi1343:00 PMRAMA Leaside 1-4Oakville
Round Robi1473:00 PMGRAV Sudbury 4-0Ancaster
Round Robi1573:00 PMCLD Ennismore 0-2Orillia Senior C
Round Robi903:00 PMRB Peterborough 1-0Twisters
Round Robi1053:30 PMRG Oshawa 2-1Orillia
ROUND ROBI1204:00 PMBO Woolwich 6-2Lindsay
Round Robi1354:00 PMRAMA Orillia Senior B 3-1Barrie
Round Robi1484:00 PMGRAV North Simcoe 0-6Central York
CONSULATIO1584:00 PMCLD Peterborough 3-2Woolwich
ROUND ROBI914:00 PMRB Clearview 3-1Temiskaming
Round Robi1064:30 PMRG Burlington 4-0Stoney Creek
Round Robi1215:00 PMBO Stoney Creek 1-0Brock
Round Robi1365:00 PMRAMA Barrie Gold 5-0Ancaster
Round Robi1495:00 PMGRAV Clearview 0-9Sudbury
Quarter Fi1595:00 PMCLD Orillia 2-3Barrie Blue
Round Robi925:00 PMRB Orillia 1-2London
Round Robi1075:30 PMRG Lindsay 1-5Aurora
CONSULATIO1226:00 PMBO Temiskaming 2-3Leaside
Round Robi1376:00 PMRAMA Orillia 1-2North Bay
Round Robi1506:00 PMGRAV Ennismore 2-1Orillia Hawks
CONSULATIO936:00 PMRB West Grey 1-2Ennismore
CONSULATIO1086:30 PMRG Ancaster 3-1North Simcoe
Quarter Fi1237:00 PMBO Ennismore 1-2Peterborough
Quarter Fi1387:00 PMRAMA Ennismore 1-4Barrie Green
Round Robi1517:00 PMGRAV Twisters 2-1Ennismore
Quarter Fi947:00 PMRB Mitchell Meteors 3-2Temiskaming
Round Robi1097:30 PMRG Leaside Black 4-1Waterloo
ROUND ROBI1248:00 PMBO Orillia 2-1Ennismore 6462
Round Robi1398:00 PMRAMA Orillia 1-2Oakville
ROUND ROBI1528:00 PMGRAV Kemptville 2-1Leaside
Round Robi958:00 PMRB Sudbury 2-2Barrie Gold
Round Robi1108:30 PMRG Central York 0-1Orillia Red
Round Robi1259:00 PMBO Barrie Black 0-4Almaguin
ROUND ROBI1409:00 PMRAMA Temiskaming 3-0Ennismore 6464
Round Robi1539:00 PMGRAV Ennismore 0-1Sudbury
Round Robi969:00 PMRB Barrie 2-4Ennismore
Round Robi1119:30 PMRG Leaside 2-1North Simcoe
Round Robi12610:00 PMBO Burlington 2-2Barrie Gold
Round Robi14110:00 PMRAMA Orillia 3-2Mitchell
Round Robi9710:00 PMRB Orillia Senior C 2-4Orillia Senior B
Sunday, January 13, 2019
Semi Final1628:00 AMRB Mitchell Meteors 0-3North Simcoe
Quarter Fi1798:00 AMBO Central York 3-2Leaside Sky
Quarter Fi1888:00 AMRAMA Leaside 2-1Kemptville
Semi Final1718:30 AMRG Sudbury 2-0Orillia
Semi Final1639:00 AMRB Barrie Gold 1-0Orillia Black
Semi Final1809:00 AMBO Oshawa 0-1Barrie
Semi Final1899:00 AMRAMA Peterborough 3-0Waterloo
Semi Final1729:30 AMRG Leaside 1-3Sudbury
Semi Final16410:00 AMRB Barrie Blue 0-8Temiskaming
Semi Final18110:00 AMBO Barrie Green 2-5Burlington
Semi Final19010:00 AMRAMA Mount Forest 0-2Temiskaming
Semi Final17310:30 AMRG Ancaster 0-6Oakville
Semi Final16511:00 AMRB Ennismore 6462 1-2Orillia
Semi Final18211:00 AMBO Leaside Black 2-1Waterloo
Semi Final19111:00 AMRAMA Brockville 2-0Twin Centre
Semi Final17411:30 AMRG Leaside 6-5Almaguin
Semi Final16612:00 PMRB Leaside 0-4Woolwich
Semi Final18312:00 PMBO Central York 1-0Burlington
Finals19212:00 PMRAMA Twisters 2-1Peterborough
Finals17512:30 PMRG Orillia Senior B 4-1Barrie
Finals1671:00 PMRB Peterborough 1-2North Simcoe
Finals1761:30 PMRG Sudbury 2-0Barrie Gold
Finals1682:00 PMRB London 1-5Sudbury
Finals1852:00 PMBO North Bay 1-0Sudbury
Finals1942:00 PMRAMA Burlington 1-2Temiskaming
Finals1772:30 PMRG Orillia Senior C 3-0Ennismore
Finals1693:00 PMRB Temiskaming 2-1Brockville
Finals1863:00 PMBO Barrie 0-1Sudbury
Finals1783:30 PMRG Oakville 2-1Leaside
Finals1704:00 PMRB Orillia 1-3Woolwich
Finals1874:00 PMBO Central York 0-1Leaside Black
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