Schedule & Results, 20th Annual Orillia Hawks Tournament, 2015-2016 (Orillia Girls Hockey Association)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 8, 2016
BHL Pool B18:00 AMRB Barrie Sharks 5-1Orillia Hawks RED
NHL PA318:00 AMBO Orillia Hawks1-3Barrie Lightning
PWHL PA468:00 AMRAMA Orillia Hawks 0-1Barrie Sharks Gold
AB168:30 AMRG Clearview Ice Cats2-1Orillia Hawks
BHL Pool B29:00 AMRB Oshawa Lady Generals Blue - 3242 1-2Toronto Leaside Red - 3850
NHL PA329:00 AMBO Toronto Black3-11Aurora
AB479:00 AMRAMA Ennismore Eagles2-1Twin Centre
AHL PA579:00 AMCLD Orillia Hawks Red 3-3Barrie Sharks Red Grizzlies
AHL PB649:00 AMGRAV Barrie Sharks White 2-4Orillia Hawks Black
PWHL PB179:30 AMRG Toronto Leaside Marchants 1-1Barrie Sharks White
MBB759:30 AMOro Orillia Hawks 0-3Haldimand
PWBB310:00 AMRB Orillia Hawks 3-1Barrie Sharks
PWBB3310:00 AMBO Twin Centre 1-4Wilmot Wolverines
MBB4810:00 AMRAMA Hamilton Hawks 2-2Clearview Ice Cats
NHL PB5810:00 AMCLD Barrie White0-4Toronto Menchies
AHL PA6510:00 AMGRAV Toronto Leaside Teal - 3835 7-3Toronto Leaside White - 3833
BHL PL A1810:30 AMRG Orillia Hawks BLACK 0-9Clarington
PWC 3411:00 AMBO Dons Pizzeria Kings 3-1Bancroft
PWC 411:00 AMRB Temiskaming 1-4Walkerton
NHL PB6611:00 AMGRAV Findlays 8-1Dodge Minions
BHL PL A1911:30 AMRG Oshawa Lady Generals Black - 3243 8-3Toronto Leaside Powder - 3853
BA/BB PA4911:30 AMRAMA Toronto Leaside 0-4Brock Jr Badgers
PWHL PA3512:00 PMBO Toronto Leaside Prestige 1-3Barrie Sharks Gold
BB512:00 PMRB Bancroft Jets 3-1Orillia Hawks
PWHL PA2012:30 PMRG Almaguin Gazelles 0-0Orillia Hawks
BHL Pool B361:00 PMBO Toronto Leaside Red - 3850 0-3Barrie Sharks
MBB501:00 PMRAMA Twin Centre 3-2Peterborough Ice Kats
ATC61:00 PMRB Ingersoll Ice 4-3BCH Ice Stars
MC611:00 PMCLD Blyth-Brussels 0-1Almaguin Gazelles
ATC681:00 PMGRAV TSMHA 0-1Grey Highlands
BA/BB PL B771:00 PMOro Barrie Sharks 0-2North Halton
AB211:30 PMRG Orillia Hawks4-1Twin Centre
PWHL PB372:00 PMBO Toronto Leaside Marchants 6-1Temiskaming Shores
NHL PA622:00 PMCLD Toronto Black9-1Orillia Hawks
BHL Pool B692:00 PMGRAV Oshawa Lady Generals Blue - 3242 1-3Orillia Hawks RED
MB PA72:00 PMRB Hamilton Hawks 1-2Grand River Mustangs
AHL PB222:30 PMRG Orillia Hawks Black 0-2Toronto Leaside Team Blue - 3834
AB512:30 PMRAMA Clearview Ice Cats3-3Ennismore Eagles
PWBB383:00 PMBO Orillia Hawks 3-0Twin Centre
NHL PA633:00 PMCLD Barrie Lightning1-10Aurora
MC703:00 PMGRAV Grey Highlands 5-0Ennimsore Eagles
MC83:00 PMRB Central Perth Royals 2-2Bruce Peninsula
BHL PL A233:30 PMRG Orillia Hawks BLACK 0-9Oshawa Lady Generals Black - 3243
PWBB394:00 PMBO Barrie Sharks 0-1Wilmot Wolverines
MBB524:00 PMRAMA Hamilton Hawks 3-0Caledon Coyotes
AHL PA714:00 PMGRAV Toronto Leaside Teal - 3835 8-2Orillia Hawks Red
MB PA94:00 PMRB Orillia Hawks 0-5Peterborough Ice Kats
PWC 244:30 PMRG Dons Pizzeria Kings 2-2Temiskaming
MB PB105:00 PMRB SCFHA Brock Jr Badgers 0-4Kapuskasing
NHL PB405:00 PMBO Barrie White0-9Findlays
AHL PA725:00 PMGRAV Barrie Sharks Red Grizzlies 1-1Toronto Leaside White - 3833
PWC 255:30 PMRG Bancroft 1-4Walkerton
BA/BB PA535:30 PMRAMA Oshawa Lady Generals 3-4Toronto Leaside
ATC116:00 PMRB Grey Highlands 8-0Ingersoll Ice
NHL PB416:00 PMBO Dodge Minions0-7Toronto Menchies
AHL PB736:00 PMGRAV Aurora 1-4Barrie Sharks White
BHL PL A266:30 PMRG Toronto Leaside Powder - 3853 0-8Clarington
ATC127:00 PMRB Timmins Pro Pipe 2-1TSMHA
PWHL PB427:00 PMBO Barrie Sharks White 2-1Barrie Sharks Green
BA/BB PL B547:00 PMRAMA Barrie Sharks 1-3Wilmot Wolverines
BB277:30 PMRG Orillia Hawks 4-1Ennismore Eagles
BB138:00 PMRB Timmins 1-0Bancroft Jets
MB PA438:00 PMBO Peterborough Ice Kats 1-3Hamilton Hawks
MC288:30 PMRG TCDMHA 2-3St. Marys
MBB558:30 PMRAMA Peterborough Ice Kats 7-1Orillia Hawks
MB PB149:00 PMRB SCFHA Brock Jr Badgers 0-4Sarnia
MB PA449:00 PMBO Grand River Mustangs 1-1Orillia Hawks
MC299:30 PMRG Almaguin Gazelles 1-1Timmins
MC1510:00 PMRB Bruce Peninsula 5-2Blyth-Brussels
MB PB4510:00 PMBO Bancroft Jets 1-3Kapuskasing
MC5610:00 PMRAMA Ennimsore Eagles 2-3Central Perth Royals
Saturday, January 9, 2016
BHL PL A1088:00 AMBO Toronto Leaside Powder - 3853 2-3Orillia Hawks BLACK
BA/BB PA1238:00 AMRAMA Brock Jr Badgers 5-2Oshawa Lady Generals
BHL Pool B788:00 AMRG Orillia Hawks RED 0-5Toronto Leaside Red - 3850
PWHL PA938:30 AMRB Barrie Sharks Gold 0-2Almaguin Gazelles
ATC1099:00 AMBO Timmins Pro Pipe 5-0BCH Ice Stars
BHL Pool B799:00 AMRG Barrie Sharks 7-1Oshawa Lady Generals Blue - 3242
BA/BB PL B1249:30 AMRAMA Wilmot Wolverines 1-2North Halton
BHL PL A949:30 AMRB Clarington 6-0Oshawa Lady Generals Black - 3243
AHL PB11010:00 AMBO Aurora 1-6Toronto Leaside Team Blue - 3834
MB PB8010:00 AMRG Sarnia 3-1Bancroft Jets
PWHL PA9510:30 AMRB Toronto Leaside Prestige 2-3Orillia Hawks
PWHL PB11111:00 AMBO Barrie Sharks Green 6-1Temiskaming Shores
MBB12511:00 AMRAMA Haldimand 1-3Caledon Coyotes
MC8111:00 AMRG Timmins 2-0TCDMHA
MC9611:30 AMRB St. Marys 0-2Grey Highlands
AHL PA11212:00 PMBO Toronto Leaside White - 3833 6-0Orillia Hawks Red
NHL PA8212:00 PMRG Aurora 13-1Orillia Hawks
MBB12612:30 PMRAMA Twin Centre 2-2Clearview Ice Cats
NHL PB9712:30 PMRB Dodge Minions4-1Barrie White
AHL PA1131:00 PMBO Barrie Sharks Red Grizzlies 1-6Toronto Leaside Teal - 3835
NHL PB831:00 PMRG Toronto Menchies0-4Findlays
NHL PA981:30 PMRB Barrie Lightning2-5Toronto Black
AHL PB1142:00 PMBO Orillia Hawks Black 3-0Aurora
AB1282:00 PMRAMA Orillia Hawks1-2Ennismore Eagles
BB842:00 PMRG Timmins 0-0Orillia Hawks
PWBB992:30 PMRB Wilmot Wolverines 2-4Orillia Hawks
AHL PB1153:00 PMBO Toronto Leaside Team Blue - 3834 9-5Barrie Sharks White
BA/BB Semi1293:00 PMRAMA Barrie Sharks 3-1Toronto Leaside
BB853:00 PMRG Bancroft Jets 0-1Ennismore Eagles
PWBB1003:30 PMRB Barrie Sharks 1-1Twin Centre
PWHL PB1164:00 PMBO Barrie Sharks Green 2-2Toronto Leaside Marchants
PWC 864:00 PMRG Walkerton 1-3Dons Pizzeria Kings
PWC 1014:30 PMRB Bancroft 0-5Temiskaming
BA/BB Semi1304:30 PMRAMA Oshawa Lady Generals 1-2Wilmot Wolverines
ATC1175:00 PMBO BCH Ice Stars 0-7TSMHA
AB875:00 PMRG Twin Centre 1-0Clearview Ice Cats
MC1025:30 PMRB Central Perth Royals 1-0St. Marys
ATC1186:00 PMBO Ingersoll Ice 1-5Timmins Pro Pipe
MBB1316:00 PMRAMA Orillia Hawks 4-0Twin Centre
MC886:00 PMRG Blyth-Brussels 3-2Timmins
PWHL PB1197:00 PMBO Temiskaming Shores 0-8Barrie Sharks White
MB PA897:00 PMRG Peterborough Ice Kats 0-0Grand River Mustangs
MBB1327:30 PMRAMA Caledon Coyotes 2-3Peterborough Ice Kats
PWHL PA1208:00 PMBO Almaguin Gazelles 3-0Toronto Leaside Prestige
MB PB908:00 PMRG Bancroft Jets 0-1SCFHA Brock Jr Badgers
MC1079:00 PMRB TCDMHA 0-5Almaguin Gazelles
MB PB1219:00 PMBO Kapuskasing 3-0Sarnia
MBB1339:00 PMRAMA Clearview Ice Cats 2-3Haldimand
BB919:00 PMRG Ennismore Eagles 1-3Timmins
MB PA12210:00 PMBO Hamilton Hawks 1-2Orillia Hawks
MC16910:00 PMRB Ennimsore Eagles 2-3Bruce Peninsula
MC9210:00 PMRG Central Perth Royals 2-3Grey Highlands
Sunday, January 10, 2016
AHL1538:00 AMBO Orillia Hawks Black 3-4Toronto Leaside Teal - 3835
PWHL1628:00 AMRAMA Barrie Sharks Gold 1-0Barrie Sharks White
PWHL1348:30 AMRG Toronto Leaside Marchants 0-3Almaguin Gazelles
BA/BB Semi1448:30 AMRB Barrie Sharks 1-3North Halton
AHL1549:00 AMBO Toronto Leaside White - 3833 3-4Toronto Leaside Team Blue - 3834
BA/BB Semi1639:00 AMRAMA Wilmot Wolverines 2-0Brock Jr Badgers
NHL1359:30 AMRG Toronto Menchies4-7Aurora
ATC14610:00 AMRB TSMHA 0-3Grey Highlands
BHL15510:00 AMBO Toronto Leaside Red - 3850 0-6Clarington
MB13610:30 AMRG Peterborough Ice Kats 0-3Kapuskasing
MBB16410:30 AMRAMA Haldimand 1-2Hamilton Hawks
MB14511:00 AMRB Sarnia 3-1Grand River Mustangs
BHL15611:00 AMBO Oshawa Lady Generals Black - 3243 1-7Barrie Sharks
NHL13711:30 AMRG Toronto Black3-4Findlays
MC14812:00 PMRB Blyth-Brussels 2-1Bruce Peninsula
MC15712:00 PMBO Almaguin Gazelles 3-1Grey Highlands
MBB16512:00 PMRAMA Orillia Hawks 2-3Peterborough Ice Kats
AB13812:30 PMRG Clearview Ice Cats6-5Ennismore Eagles
PWB1471:00 PMRB Wilmot Wolverines 2-3Orillia Hawks
PWC1581:00 PMBO Walkerton 1-0Dons Pizzeria Kings
BBB1391:30 PMRG Orillia Hawks 1-3Timmins
PWHL1492:00 PMRB Barrie Sharks Gold 0-1Almaguin Gazelles
AHL1592:00 PMBO Toronto Leaside Team Blue - 3834 0-4Toronto Leaside Teal - 3835
ATC1402:30 PMRG Timmins Pro Pipe 2-8Grey Highlands
BA/BB1513:00 PMRB Wilmot Wolverines 0-3North Halton
MB1673:00 PMBO Sarnia 2-0Kapuskasing
NHL1413:30 PMRG Findlays 5-2Aurora
MC1684:00 PMBO Blyth-Brussels 1-3Almaguin Gazelles
BHL1424:30 PMRG Barrie Sharks 0-2Clarington
MBB1524:30 PMRB Peterborough Ice Kats 0-4Hamilton Hawks
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